Know what kind of Freelance Content Writer you are?

The Internet has built a platform for specialists of all types to share their creativity with potential fans around the world, and the possibilities are endless for those with a gift to produce an engaging, humorous, timely, or useful copy.

While many freelance content writers has relied on a solid understanding of the mechanic combined with a heavy dose of imagination to adapt their writing styles to meet a variety of assignments, most will accept, if pressed, that they are the most comfortable, and thus the most creative, when writing within a specific niche.

Web Content Writer

The web has its own set of writing requirements and unique opportunities. Web content can range from website micro-copy to social media content to blogs to full-length articles and whitepaper.

Typically, if you’re writing for the web, your client’s ultimate objective is to drive traffic to a website or sell a product. Therefore, even if you are writing about the importance of regularly watering your plants, your real focus is on motivating readers to take action.

Technical Writer

Technical writers utilize their writing and communication experiences to make complex information most straightforward to digest. They are essential to running a technically focused business and can help companies better understand their performance and enhance the user experience. They are also asked to perform manual procedures for engineering, robotics and aeronautics companies, among other processes.

Business Writer

If you are a business writer, you deal with white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, prepared speeches, and more. You can also write a little advertisement.

Newspaper Writer (Periodical)

News writers inform readers about the incident as soon as possible after the event. When writing a news article, the writer should be as objective and impartial as possible. On the other hand, editorial writers get rewarded for their opinions.


If you write blogs, articles, books, or other works and someone else gets proper credit; then you are a ghostwriter.

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